Unique way to
share your property
photos & information.

Go with pre built templates, A simple tool to acquire more leads.

Share your property website

Share property images

Share property info

Analytics tool

How to start earning?

List whatever you want

There's no minimum or maximum listing rule on hookfish, Just providing details like images video What's special about location, including any quirks buyer can expect.

Set commission you feel good about

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Help the Reseller to know how much he can earn from this transaction.

Market through 72K resellers

Once you have completed your listing, resellers from all over india can find your home in search result. There are nearly 72K Hookfish resellers and we have tools to help you generate Leads that work for you.

Largest broker to broker community

Once you've completed your listing, No need to call राम, श्याम, घनश्याम our unique algorithm matches your property listing with a similar broker having buyers in real time.

Match making

Improve your ability to evaluate each opportunity and speed of responding of each lead. Now start utilyzing every window of opportunity to aquire a sales lead!

Instant recommendation

99.99% accuracy

Location based

Agents with genuine client

Easy to contact

Time saver

We save your time and money

Easy to post

In just few clicks you can post the property with images

Easy sharing

3 ways to share information by text,image and in built templates

Share over multiple platforms

Just one click and share info on any social media

Dashboard to track all activity

Integrate and capture leads from multiple channels & sources in a single dashboard analyze your social media performance schedule site visit.

Reminders many more!

Use your android to manage everything

A single platform to reach your target audience, increasing website traffic, and driving sales with social media marketing campaigns.

Affordable pricing and packages

choose your best one



Extra Commission 0.50%

RERA registration required

Commission in your account 45 days

Support 24 X 7 PM

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Extra Commission 0.75%

RERA registration required

Commission in your account 45 days

Dedicated support manager

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Extra Commission 1%

RERA registration required

Commission in your account 72 hours

Dedicated support manager

Guarantee of sale or 100% money back

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