10 Things to Check Before You Move into a Rental house

New city, new house, and the chaos that comes with it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Moving into a new rental house is a daunting task with a million things to check before making the big decision. The basic things to check before you move into a rental house needs to be done […]

8 home hidden cost you should not ignore when buying a house

Buying a house in Mumbai is as challenging as it gets. With real estate prices skyrocketing, investment in real estate can end up draining your savings. However, there are ways you can be smart about your real estate investments. Did you know that there is a flat hidden cost involved that you end up ignoring […]

Guide to buying resale house | hookfish.in

Buying a house is a huge investment and one that needs careful consideration & evaluation. You save up your hard-earned money to buy a legal property as an asset. Be it the property you wish to live in or a second home for investment’s sake, the money you put in must not only be authentic […]

7 Advantages of Open Spaces in Homes & around

In this Blog we would be talking about Open Spaces in Homes & around it is a rare site in metropolitan cities, especially Mumbai. Open space outside homes and open space in homes are both of exceptional importance. The importance of open spaces in homes is often stressed upon because it has a direct correlation […]

Top 8 Location to Invest in in Mumbai

Property prices in Mumbai are among the costliest in the world for a reason, So In this Blog you will know about Top 8 location to invest in Mumbai. Statistics suggest that Mumbai is the 3rd costliest city in the world based on per sq.ft price. What is it about Mumbai that makes it one […]

Cabinet clears ₹25,000 crore plan for realty revival

The real estate scenario in India has been a tumultuous one so govt came up with plan for realty revival. The decline is the economic growth that plateaued at 5% in the previous quarter further stirs away from the growth of this industry. The most recent update in real estate comes as a respite in […]

7 reasons that make Mumbai the most livable city in India

Mumbai, the city of dreams that holds the stories and nurtures the lives of the millions who reside here. Mumbai tops the charts when it comes to the preferred city to live in. Despite the traffic, the population and the congestion, Mumbai livable city? How? This city fends for its people, creates opportunities and welcomes […]

10 Features That Define Luxury Homes

When it comes to luxury, India manages to impress the world with its laundry list of millionaires. Luxury homes, luxury cars, luxurious lifestyle, who doesn’t like a bit of all that. A study by Capgemini revealed that the number of millionaires in India grew by a whopping 20%. Redefine your lifestyle by adding luxury to […]

Best Residential Properties in Andheri

10 Best Residential Properties in Andheri Andheri is a popular residential locality of Mumbai. It is divided into Andheri east and Andheri west. Both are well-coveted and developed regions of Mumbai, which are not just preferred residential destinations but also well-known commercial hubs With all the features andheri is a Great Place for Properties to […]

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