Real Estate Buying Guide

Hookfish is working  on making home buying process affordable and more transparent. Here you can find all the details one needs to know while buying a home/apartment/property.

Property Locations

It is important to first analyse why you wan to buy? We have provided you with necessary links in below write up. Which can make your life a lot easier to find the perfect property.

1. The need to buy property

2. Shortlisting your property

3. Choosing The Right Location

4. How to choose An Agent

Finance, Taxes & Legal


1. Tax Implication

2. Legal Perspective

3. Home Loan

4. Managing Finance

Market Stats


1. Return On Investment

2. Exiting the Market

3. Rent Vs Buy

Mumbai, the house buying guide

Mumbai, the city of dreams and aspirations, which looks like it forgot that sleep is important. And it is one of those places which houses most expensive houses. Most know the drill of how to buy a house in such an expensive pocket, but for those who missed such...

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