How Google Searches effected by Coronavirus for Real estate and how Brokers can take advantage of it?


Coronavirus Pandemic changes the everyday life of the Billions of people around the world. As of 16 April, 2,000,000 People have got Infected and over 1,35,000 People have lost their lives due to COVID-19 Virus. It has created a global economic crisis. School, office, factories, and transportation all are stopped due to the corona. People are staying home, working from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus Pandemic. People have changed their purchase behavior and mode.

People now purchase goods and services through online mediums. They are concerned about going out to buy the things they want.

As far as the real estate sector is concerned, Customers are shifting their buying decisions and there has less confidence in the market. But they are still looking for Property on sale and rent basis as per Google search data. This could be a bright opportunity for persons whose livelihood depends on real estate.

The above graph shows that there is a constant rate of Google searches of the top real estate keywords. People are still searching for the property during the lockdown period. 

This could be an opportunity for you as a Broker to make a website and run Google ads for property to generate potential leads. Most real estate companies are pausing their ad campaign due to the less confidence they have on the market.

Hence there is less competition for the keywords in the ad auction.

Top Real Estate Keywords with Their Average Monthly Searches On Google (October 2019 - March 2020)
Top Real Estate Keywords with Their Average Monthly Searches On Google (October 2019 – March 2020)

The above image consists of the top keywords Searches for the real estate sector on Google. As you can see in images there are constant average monthly searches on Google for individual keywords.

Whenever someone wants to know the answer of questions they do Google Search. They search for anything like how fast a cheetah can run, address of a shop, reviews, and search for goods and services they want to buy. As per as Real estate is concerned, People do Google search to find their dream property to live or investment to buy. They searches Property on buy Sells rent lease. There searches for 2bhk, 3bhk and price range Property.

People are still searching for the Property as there used to in the 4th quarter of 2019. Customers who previously Search Property through brokers, relatives, and colleagues are now searching on Google and Facebook to find their future home.

They get more information about the property online as compared to brokers. Because of the ready availability of accurate information and knowledge of the specific property. You as a Broker should know and understand the changes in customer purchase behavior and adapt as per situation happening in the real estate market. During the lockdown, people are staying at home, working from home and shifting their offline work online.

So as per the current trends and data, people are at home they want to buy and rent the property and more and more customers are search online about the product and services. And show your real estate property online you need to create your online presence on every digital platform on the internet. To create more eyeballs for your real estate property.

That’s why you should run Google ads and Facebook ads.

On Google Search, potential customers are still searching for flats, properties on sale and rent.

As per Google search Data, average monthly searches of the top 10 real estate searches happen on Google are constant as compared to the previous quarter of 2019. Which means people are looking for residential, commercial property on sale and on rent basis. So it’s a big opportunity for property sellers and those who have property on rent. 

Hence as a broker, you should come online to showcase your Real estate property to your potential customers who are searching on Google and Facebook during the lockdown period.

Those brokers who mostly were doing there marketing and selling of property on paper should come online for effective 

Property portals are a great source of leads for your property. Where you can List your properties. Below are some of them.

Below are the Some of the Property portal –

99acres, Magicbrikes, Housing,, Proptigher and etc.

CRM is important to manage your customer’s details. Below are some of them.

Below are Some of the Popular CRM –

Zoho CRM, Hubspot CRM, Hookfish CRM.

How to start a digital presence online – 

– Create Facebook and Instagram pages.

– Create a YouTube channel to demonstrate your property.

Below are the most popular ad platforms for generating Property Leads –

 – Google ad, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads 

Quality Leads are an essential factor to close a real-estate deal.

You as a broker can do leads generation campaigns on Google ads and Facebook ads for your real estate property. You can also read our blog about why you should run Facebook and Google ads for your real estate Business during Coronavirus.

As a Property broker or real estate agency you must have a website to create an online presence. Websites are important if you want to run Google ads. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Potential customers for real estate are always online. They find research and analysis of the potential real estate deal they can find.

Hence the traffic on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is tremendously increasing at rapid speed. That a lot of potential customers for your real estate property.

You should run ads on the internet because –

1 – Audiences are spending more time on social media and Google.

2 – Many of your competitors are pausing their ad.

As per search data, people are constantly searching during the COVID-19 crisis. 

You can run search ads and display ads on Google if you have a website. If you don’t have a website you can easily create Facebook and Instagram Page and can run ads. If you don’t have a website then you are losing a lot of potential customers during coronavirus lockdown. With the website, you can showcase your property to customers who are online. Potential customers are during this time looking for a property on urgent and investment purposes.

Those who searched Google for property deals, are also searching Facebook for property hence you can run Facebook lead generation campaigns to generate leads. Interesting facts about Google and Facebook ads are that customers filled the leads. If one lead is not satisfied with your one property, you as Property broker or real estate agency could pitch the customer some other property.

Coronavirus has created the invisible gap between brokers who mostly do marketing and selling on paper and customers who mostly now a day find Property through Google search. So it is time for brokers to create an online presence and do Marketing of their Property online. You can read an Economic times article on how Real estate agents focus on reskilling.

If you want to survive as a Real estate Broker in a dominated Digital medium you have to adapt as per the situations in the market.

We are Starting a Blog series “Digital Marketing Learning for Real Estate Brokers” on How Brokers can do Digital Marketing of their real estate properties online during coronavirus.

In the next blog, we are going to explain to you how to create your online presence as a real estate broker to create advantages of online potential for your properties.

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