10 Features That Define Luxury Homes


When it comes to luxury, India manages to impress the world with its laundry list of millionaires. Luxury homes, luxury cars, luxurious lifestyle, who doesn’t like a bit of all that. A study by Capgemini revealed that the number of millionaires in India grew by a whopping 20%. Redefine your lifestyle by adding luxury to your home, your life. There is always an elegance, style and something edgy that sets apart a luxury home from the rest. Wondering what luxury home features set it apart from the rest. Here are the top 10 features of luxury homes that are must-haves

1. Chilling by the pool

            Is a luxury home feature in 2019 even complete without an extravagant pool that is accessible at all times? The chic lifestyle comes with the comfort of pools that ease your worries aside. Millionaires need a break, millionaires need exercise. Nothing does it better than an uber swanky pool that easily accessible. Add this up with an infinity pool, temperature-controlled pool settings, and good quality water and you are essentially living the millionaires’ life

2. Interior design done right

The most indispensable part of a luxury home, the one that sets it apart from the rest of it is chic, royal interior design. Homes that look right out of the interior design magazine is the aim. Be it royal looking homes, or the roman architecture design, or going trendy with some modern art it all comes down to the interiors of the home. 

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3. A kitchen that makes cooking a fine dining experience

It is the one space that acts as the center point of homes every time you host a party or an event at home. Being into a luxurious lifestyle calls for parties and events. Do it right by showing the exquisite kitchen that has all kinds of smart lighting, excellent music, and drawers & cabinets that are efficient. Make your home the closest thing to a Michelin star restaurant.

4. Closets that wow luxury homes

The one thing that all celebrities, millionaires, and influencers have in common is their love for fashion. Be it a shoe fetish, a bag fetish or designer clothes a walk-in closet is a must. What’s luxury if not simply defined by walk-in closets? Add a dash of exuberant lightings and a touch of modern art and voila – you have the most modernistic closets you could ask for. 

5. Balconies for letting your hair loose

House overlooking golf course, a picturesque river or just the bustle of the Mumbai skyline. This is that special space of the house to relax and catch up with friends and families. Talk life, share stories, reminiscence about old times. Balconies with the perfect view and the beauty of a well-kept garden is an enviable combination,

6. Temperature setting done right

Home equates to coziness. Be it the comfort of your living room or the warmth of your bedroom, the temperature is undeniable the luxurious feature that makes the house a home. The cool biting winters have heaters that warm you up and in the heat of the tropics have air conditions that make you feel the perfect kind of cold. 

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7. Smart entertainment

With newer ways of redefining how we view luxury, smart buildings and smart homes are the next big thing. Imagine having your favorite music played at 9 in the night after an exhausting day at work with the lights dimmed. Smart entertainment pushed the envelope of truly living the luxurious way. 

8. Location 

Where you stay in the first line of defining who you are, where you come from and what’s your story. Locations like south Delhi, south Mumbai define luxury. With views to die for that overlook the city, location talks about luxury like no other feature. Accessibility and ease of transportation are prime factors that billionaires need to take into account while choosing their ideal luxury home.

9. Fitness freaks

Being a millionaire needs a certain mindset. If you wish to have the life of a millionaire, it needs to first start with the discipline of a millionaire. Having a luxury home means having all-time access to modes of exercise. Be it gym, Pilates studio or an open free space for Yoga. Luxury homes need to take care of the fitness needs of individuals. 

10. Space is important feature of luxury home

All the moolah needs to translate to a whole lot of space. Luxurious homes need to have the kind of space that makes the house looks breezy, airy and filled with light. Space gives a sense of freedom. Living the luxurious life implies having the right amount of space to carry out office meetings, events, and festivities comfortably for you and your family. 

Make your home a luxury home, add these luxury home features list and make your home the ultimate space where luxury lives.

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