10 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home


Your home is your one true investment, the biggest and the most valuable of them all. Purchasing a house must have needed loans, breaking fixed deposits, loans for relatives and much more.  Maintaining the house well is exceptionally important to increase the value of your house. When you plan to resell your property, wouldn’t you want a good return on investment? If you are looking for ways to increase the value of the home you have arrived at the right place. This article will guide you through the process of how to increase the value of home/ house. 

1. Keep your walls up to date

Your walls cover the major portion of your house in terms of sq. ft area. Ensure that you maintain your walls at regular intervals so that the wall does not get damaged due to factors like leakage or cracks. You can also use chemicals that prevent leakage in leakage prone areas to ensure the longevity of your painting cycle.  Regularly plastering and painting your walls is a simple way of how to add value to your home.

2. Landscape your home 

If you live in villas, the best way to impress your prospective buyers is to have a well-managed garden. Some smart hacks in gardening can make small areas also lush and spacious. Invest in landscaping, gardening, and maintaining. Landscaping is a technique of home improvement that increases the value of your house.

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3. Check the flooring

While generally, floorings do last properly for years, sometimes old buildings may lead to uneven floors. If the age of the building works against you, get your floor repaired and redone. Marble and granite floors are usually popular favorites, these are proven ways to increase home value.

4. Maintain the bathroom 

Bathrooms are the biggest pain areas when it comes to house reselling. These are usually having leakage problems, the tiles are discolored and overall are sore to look at. Ensure you clean your bathroom well on a regular basis to avoid discoloration or rust/ dirt. Wanting quick tips for increasing your home value? Use professional bathroom clinic services once in a year to maintain the bathroom well. 

5. Color your walls well

Colour combination does play a major part in how nice & spacious your home looks. Lighter colors give off the appearance of a big house. Sometimes even large rooms may end up looking smaller due to dark/ dull colors. This is one of the definite ways to ways to increase the value of a home. 

6. Bright & lively

Let your house feel warm & liveable. Design your windows and openings in a way that maximum light penetrates in. You could also place your mirrors in a way that it lets in maximum light in. This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to boost your home value.

7. Maintain windows & doors well

Creaking doors and windows that don’t slide are the biggest put offs. Ensure you clean those window sills and oil the hinges well. As and when required you can paint the grills too. Vacuum out all the grit and stones that may accumulate and damage the window sliding system. These aren’t obvious but these are clever ways to instantly add value to your home.

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8. Make it green

Let the windows of your house be small green patches. A house that contains a good amount of greenery aesthetically adds to the appeal, improve how your house looks. Wondering how to increase the value of your home, try small changes since it is an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home.

9. Use smart interiors

Wall inbuilt cabinets, vertical storage spaces, good loft spaces are all added advantages in your home décor. Another way to use new-age space-saving furniture, for example, beds that turn into a dining table or TV holders, etc. Ensure that you make effective use of space and still have enough storage space. This is one of the most efficient tips to increase your home’s value. 

10. Conserve Energy 

If you have geysers that consume minimal energy or you have ventilation systems that keep the house cool, then these are ways of saving on energy, thus beneficial for the buyer. Having solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems can add value to your property. 

Use these smart hacks to make a significant impact on your selling price. These techniques are simple ways of how to increase the value of home/house by putting in minimum yet consistent effort through the years. Houses that have been well maintained always fetch higher returns on investment others. Thus every time you see a small leak or an electrical glitch in your property, get it checked and repaired immediately to avoid a complete wall ruined to leakage or a short circuit that leaves soot and cracks on the walls. 

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