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How Facebook will take your Real estate Business to the next level [Digital Pathsala – Blog 6]

This 6th Blog is Part of our “Digital Pathsala Series for Brokers“, To read our 5th Blog Click here.  Coronavirus jeopardizes the whole world balance. Millions are Infected, over 4 lakh people lost there life, and life around the world is suffering. All business activities are struggling to survive. And Real estate market is down […]

How Google Searches effected by Coronavirus for Real estate and how Brokers can take advantage of it?

Coronavirus Pandemic changes the everyday life of the Billions of people around the world. As of 16 April, 2,000,000 People have got Infected and over 1,35,000 People have lost their lives due to COVID-19 Virus. It has created a global economic crisis. School, office, factories, and transportation all are stopped due to the corona. People […]

Reasons you Should Run Facebook ads and Google Ads for your Real estate Business during Coronavirus

Coronavirus has created a devastating economic slowdown all around the world. As of writing this blog, 1,786,769 people are infected and over 109,275 people have lost their life. As COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, its impact is sometimes unexpected. It is a scary time for marketers and business owners. Obviously, we are in […]

How best real estate agents do marketing ? Hookfish.in

Want to know How best real estate agents do marketing ?? Read this blog.. Real estate the most competitive market in India, This market varies from place to place, developer to developer and people to people. Real estate agents are the one who struggles a lot in this business reason is simple everyone wants to skip […]

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