Slow Business during Lockdown? Increase your Sales Digitally [Digital Pathsala – Blog 2]


This 2nd Blog is Part of our Digital Pathsala Series for Brokers, To read our 1st Blog Click here. Coronavirus Pandemic has created Nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. It has halted economic activity in India and all over the world. Businesses are struggling to run and survive. Big companies are starting to either cutting salaries or laying off employees. Activity in the real estate sector is also is a slowdown.

Real estate Sector Are among the top contributors to the nation’s economic growth now has halted due to lockdown.

Coronavirus Pandemic has made Property seller brokers’ jobs even worse.

As per Reports, banking, automobile, retail, oil, and real estate are among the worst affected sectors.

Housing sales are almost coming to standstill due to the nationwide lockdown.

Wealth Clinic CMD Amit Raheja said the leads are getting generated through the help of technology but the actual conversion of sales would happen once the lockdown is lifted.

Consumers now purchase goods and services through online Medium, Customers are shifting their buying decisions and there is less confidence in the market. But they are still looking for Property on sale and rent basis. 

They completed shift there buying process online there want to take Property tour online

Realty firms have enhanced their online marketing campaign budget and are advertising on their websites as well as on online property classifieds.

So as a Real estate broker, how you can adapt to an online medium to Promote your Property and Generate Sales.

So during this novel coronavirus crisis how you as a Property Seller/Broker can increase your real estate sales.

In this Blog, Which is the 2nd Blog in our digital Pathshala series? You will Learn How you can increase the sale of your property with the use of digital technology.

So let’s start.

1. Create online Presence  

The first step of selling anything online is to create your business presence on the internet. Having an online presence gives you an extra edge to your property business. These Days Companies operate their business through the online medium due to coronavirus lockdown. Potential customers are searching and surfing the internet for goods and services they want.

Image courtesy – Searchfit

They are still searching for their dream home and sales are happening online. So if you want to generate leads and close sales of your property then you have come online and started creating an online presence. Below are pointing to start creating your online presence.

  • Create a Facebook page
  • Create an Instagram page
  • Join popular Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Create Google My Business Account
  • List your property on Property Portals and Hookfish App
  • List Your Classified Sites like Quikr Home, Olx Property and Local search Engine Sites like Justdial
  • Create a Whatsapp Business Account 
  • Join popular Brokers WhatsApp Groups
  • Start posting property details and images to different groups
  • Create Your Online website
  • Add on your Sites Newsletter

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2. Run Online Advertising

The most effective and easy ways to generate leads for your property is the running online ads

Image Courtesy – adespresso

Online advertising or digital advertising is effective and cost-efficient ways to generate leads for your property. Actually, due to the lockdown caused by a coronavirus, online advertising is the one and only option of promoting your property.

According to a report, online advertising is a booming form of advertising these days, People are not going outside due to coronavirus they are staying online on a platform like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube. They are using this online platform extensively like never before. Realty firms have enhanced their online marketing campaign budget and are advertising on their websites. Social network site has important and personalized data about their large user database that enable them to deliver highly targeted, personalized, and inexpensive advertising solutions for any business. Therefore demands for advertising on the Digital Platform are rising very fast.

So trust on this platform and start running Online Campaign. Below are the most popular ad platforms on the internet.

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3. Create social media accounts and promote your property

Social media use skyrocketed during the lockdown period.more and more people are spending their time on social media than ever before. Social Media is currently helping brokers to market their property. You as a broker should be on social media because your potential customers too on social media to connect with people and businesses like you. People spend a lot of their time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

Use Social Media to engage in relevant conversations to promote your property.

  • Posting Content on social media helps you to create more eyeballs for your property.
  • Upload Property Videos on YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook
  • Upload High-quality Photos on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Post Text base content on Twitter With relevant Hashtags.

4. Send E-mails and SMS

Email and SMS is the most effective form of promoting your property online. Just create an Interesting and engaging Property Content and send it to your Potential Customers via Email Id and Mobile Number.

If you have your existing customer database then you can send them your new property details, specifications picture to communicate with them.

Keep your Property content attractive, catchy, and engaging to your potential customers so they can click on it to contact you. Please don’t forget to add a link or mobile number to the customer to call you for the respective property.

And You Know you can run Email and SMS Campaign right on our Hookfish For Partners App.

Just Post your Property on Our App And start SMS/Email Marketing from Our Hookfish for Partners Dashboard. 

Just post your Property – Go to property dashboard – Click Share – SMS/Email – Send

5. Make Property videos

Start creating high-quality images and Videos of your Property. You can use simple video creation and editing apps on your Phone to create Property tour videos and attached them to your property listings.

Don’t get bothered about imperfections while editing.

A buyer is more likely to trust the videos than those which look unbelievable impressive. And 

Upload on YouTube Facebook page, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and add engaging captions and make sure to add CTA like website link and phone number.

6. Maintain a CRM 

We know most brokers still work traditional ways like writing and noting on papers and books. This method haves some disadvantages like loss of paper wear and tear of details. This causes loss of the most important data of the customers like Mobile numbers, name, and email, etc.CRM stands for customer relationship management.

Image Courtesy – Comodo

It is a piece of software that is used to maintain customer information to maintain and record customer data. So if you want to effectively and efficiently manage customer information during the coronavirus crisis then you should and have to use CRM All small, medium and large businesses use this software to effectively manage their customers’ data. 

Below are some of the free CRM systems :

7. Join Social Media groups and track post

On social media, there are groups where people with similar interests interact with each other. There are Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups where real estate brokers can join. Social Media groups are excellent and free sources of leads.

You can monitor and search the posts on social media sites for the Property Leads. Homebuyers often post their requirements on Facebook groups. Real estate brokers must follow and monitor such posts to generate leads for free.

8. Take video conferencing

Because of the lockdown caused by coronavirus people are working from home nowadays.

Most businesses are able to operate because of the presence of video conferencing tools such as zoom, skype, hangout, etc. This important tool of communication is equally important for brokers and sellers to stay connected with their existing and future clients. These tools not only help you to showcase your property but also to answer the customer question. Learning about these tools and knowing how to use them is the only option for brokers to run their business during the lockdown. This will save a lot of time for buyers and brokers during the conversation.

9. Change your Online sales strategy

As coronavirus changes the consumer perspective and behavior you as a broker should also change the sale strategy online.

Real estate Developer and Brokers can Adapt Following Strategy to Maintain or Increase the sales of their property during Lockdown. These methods are starting to take momentum big Realsate Players like Hiranandani, Anarock is using these methods to generate sales.

 – Offering a cashback of 5% of the property value to all those who book units during the lockdown period.

– Customers can book any residential or commercial unit by paying just ₹1 lakh online. The balance booking amount can be paid over the next 100 days and units can be canceled without any penalty.

– Future-ready digital walk-through technology and slice view technology for providing a 3D view of buildings and apartments while employees can use video calls to connect builders with customers.

– To replicate the experience of site visits while sitting at home, A company can use a combination of various platforms based on the internet of things (IoT) as well as leveraging virtual walk-through and 3D imaging based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

– Builders and brokers could give an option to cancel online bookings with no penalty up to 90 days if customers decide not to buy after doing site visits once the lockdown ends.

10. Focus on content

This time is perfect to spend time creating content around your property. There is a saying in Digital is “Content is king”.  Great content attracts the users and converts them into customers. Therefore focus on creating content around property news, development, etc Make photos, videos, and text-based content around your property. And post on social media to engage with your audience and also mix your property around the content to promote.

Image Courtesy – businessload

So we hope you will use the above Strategy and tactics to easily and effectively promote your Property through online medium. Online marketing is the only option a broker can have during this period of lockdown. Property buying and selling are still happening online through the use of technology. If you want to earn commission don’t waste time and start using the Above methods to generate Sales.

Be consistent and dedicated to your works. We will bring you more blogs like this in the coming days so you can grow your Property Sales.

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