What is Rera Carpet area, built-up area & super built-up area?


The real estate scenario in India may be a tumultuous scene right now, a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs.

But the latest news released (November 2019) stated- ‘Cabinet clears ₹25,000 crore plan for realty revival’, the situation is deemed to improve and reel in prospective buyers once again.

An increase in nuclear families in metropolitan cities, urbanization and the concentration of jobs in the major cities result in an increased interest in real estate investments. As per the U.S Census Bureau, almost 35% percent of homeowners are aged under 35 years at the time of purchase. If you too are looking to buy a property, are you certain you know what is carpet, built-up and super built-up area? This may seem like common knowledge, but most people are unaware of these differences that may eventually result in a loss-making deal.  Educate yourself in case you don’t know the difference between carpet built up and super built-up area. This article takes you through the basics of these three factors i.e. carpet built up and the super built-up area in flat 

Everything you need to know about the Carpet area. 

The usual debate that sparks during buying out a property is the carpet area vs. built up and super built-up area. Let’s first walk you through the simplest one of them all – Carpet Area. Carpet area, which quite literally implies the area that is covered by the carpet. This area encompasses every region of the house (usually the floor area) that can be carpeted. It entails the regions that are actually usable and affect the property making a decision. When you are thinking of buying a property, this is the most important question that must pop up. When an agent or real estate broker says 1000 sq.ft, the pertinent question is what type of area is he/she truly speaking off? 

Carpet area, in general, entails almost 70% of the build-up area. Therefore even when they say 3000 sq.ft house, what they actually imply is 2100 sq. of the area that is at your disposable for living. This is the area where you put all your furniture, thus further reducing the open space in your house. Therefore consider these points while looking for a new property for staying. 

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The A to Z on Built-up area

Unfortunately, many real estate agents use carpet built up and the super built-up area in the apartment synonymously. Build up area includes carpet area plus vertical spaces. These include parts of your house that come within a home yet these are vertical spaces that are not usable, these include the walls and pillars.  The pillars usually are thicker in the first few floors of the building, the top floors relatively thinner. Thickness too is considered as a part of the build-up area. Therefore if we retain the above example, almost 20%-30% is the built-up area is not usable.

Almost 800 sq.ft. of the above area may be the built-up area. The built-up area also includes the terrace or garden areas. These also include additional floors such as a mezzanine floor that may be present in the house. Now, in case you and your neighbors share a house, the built-up area for the shared wall is split 50-50. Whereas, for the other areas the complete build-up area is considered. 

All you need to know about Super built-up area

Are you puzzled about carpet built up and super built-up area? Well, the super built-up area is regions of the property that are at your disposal for usage. This includes the lobby area, the lift area or the stairs. Most people hear an advertisement that says property of X area is selling for X price and wonder how it is so cheap? However, sometimes, it means that the real estate agent is talking about the super built-up area. The super built-up area takes an estimated proportionate ratio of the property that is added in the property like the lift, lobby, and stairs, etc. This is then added to your carpet area + built-up area. 

Know your real estate terms well before you go on a house-hunting spree. It is always best to get your facts cleared so that you aren’t puzzled about carpet built up and super built-up area when the time comes. Always be mindful of the carpet area of the house. For your information, you can always ask for all the three areas i.e. carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area. Now that you are aware of the real difference between carpet built up and super built-up area, we wish you happy house hunting!

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