Boost your Real Estate Marketing with Hookfish


Hookfish offers a great deal of partnership for the growth of real estate business and helps to boost your business with real estate marketing.

There are many benefits in getting associated with Hookfish.

We are an emerging firm in the field of real estate and digital marketing Technology.

Today India and the world are moving towards a new era of digital marketing.

Be it grocery items or luxurious items, accessories for youths or necessary items for the elderly people; everything is present on the internet for Digital Marketing and every second firm is now on the internet using the services of digital marketers for selling their products and services in various ways.

Some are also using the concept of affiliate marketing. Hookfish is using digital marketing in a very creative way by making beautiful images, creative videos and GIFs.

Our Experienced Team

Hookfish is a group that has been dealing in the industry of real estate for many decades. A house is also built when there is trust in its base.

We know the nerves of the industry and we are also aware of the time when the iron is hot and we need to strike it.

We have maintained wonderful public relations with our clients.

The team members of Hookfish are very well experienced and they know what to do, why to do and when to do.

The business strategies of Hookfish are all tried and tested with time. We are also at par with the latest trends in technology as we have developed platforms of digital media because we know we are living in the era of digital media marketing.
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Platforms of Digital Media

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There are 4 platforms that Hookfish is using to promote the property.

Those platforms are email and SMS campaign, a dashboard to track, Google AdWords and social media promotion. Emails and SMS are an integral part of everybody’s life.

Google AdWords brings immediate and authentic results. Today, very few people can live without social media.

After observing this trend, Hookfish also got itself active on digital media through these four platforms.

Revenue Generation: A cake walk with Hookfish

Generating revenue and profit is a big deal these days. The real estate business is also suffering from the same cash crunch.

If you are also the one who thinks and talks like this; you are in the right place.

Hookfish will help you get through it and generating revenue will come naturally to you.

You only have to follow the three steps: Join- Advertise -Earn. And the time is not far then you would also find revenue and profit generation to be as easy as ABC.

Our Active Partner Base

Hookfish enjoys a very strong base of more than 7,000 active partners.

It is definitely sufficient to prove that great platforms that Hookfish offers are absolutely appropriate and they bring the desired results.

So what are you waiting for! When you have understood Hookfish will definitely boost your sales and business; hurry up and become an active partner of Hookfish.

Sale or Money-back Guarantee

MoneyBack guarantee is a feature that nobody offers in today’s scenario of the corporate world.

There is a lot of competition in the market and even then who fish is the only company which offers you guaranteed sales or else MoneyBack guarantee.

Please do not forget that we have the client base of more than 7000 clients and you can at any point of time crosscheck with our clients about the ethics that we follow.

You are reading Boost your Real estate marketing with Hookfish

Exclusive features of Hookfish

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Hookfish is a company which follows the trends. There are going to be millions of smartphone users in India.

Therefore it was long back when we decided to work on mobile. This ensures reaching potential customers.

Hookfish believes in making quick and easy payments. All our clients have been satisfied with the mode of payment and the time of the release of payment.

The third exclusive feature of Hookfish is a secure transaction.

All the transactions made by Hookfish whether to internal customers or external customers, all are absolutely safe and secure.

Last but not least, we have a team of 1200 + developers.

These developers are highly talented and extremely hard working and they are helping us in delivering the value that we offer.

Skyrocketing Facts and Figures


Hookfish has more than 3.2 lakh square feet of property under exclusive management.

In today’s world, the prices of land are reaching the skyscrapers and the property rates are the highest.

Real estate industry is one of the booming industries presently in India and there is loss of property under exclusive management of Hookfish.

It proves the promising quality that we have and the brand image that the company has built so far. Now let us know the worth of this property.

It is more than 480 crores. Hookfish is a very active company and the team keeps working.

The results can be shown with the help of the figure of more than 12 crores which has been released as brokerage amount.

So whether you talk about the quantity of property, the worth of the property what the amount of brokerage released by Hookfish, everything is satisfactory.

Customized Pricing

Hookfish understands the dreams of people along with their responsibilities.

We have designed three different packages to suit the needs of different clients. The three packages are Silver package, gold package, and Platinum package respectively.

Once you check our website, you will be able to know all the features of all the packages in one go. All the packages are full of great features.

They have the feature of commission, client mapping ranging from 45 days to 60 days, marketing campaign including emails, SMS, Facebook page, etc.

All this is available and very reasonable prices. 

We at Hookfish are fully dedicated to offering you great services and on toes to bring profits and revenue for you.

All the major risk is being taken by Hookfish and we offer exclusive Money back guarantee also which is not possible for every other entity.

Give us an opportunity and partner with Hookfish. 

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