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Hookfish is a company of its own kind. It has its own principles and ethics to work. It has come up with an online portal and an application to serve in the industry of real estate and real estate agents. Its primary purpose is to get the sale of the piece of property done and provide benefit to the brokers. It works in the manner which creates a Win-Win situation for both the customer and the real estate agent.

Guarantee of sale to real estate agent

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Hook fish is the only company that provides the guarantee for sale. We all know the concept of sale is very difficult. Even the top real estate companies are facing the problem of the sale of the property. There are many challenges in the business. Whatever promises are being made by Hookfish are fulfilled. It has been serving the industry for many years now. Most of the clients of Hookfish are satisfied with the services and performance of the company.

Money-back guarantee top real estate companies

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If Hookfish is not able to get the sale done, it provides you money-back guarantee in 60 days. It is the only company that provides you a money-back guarantee in case it is not able to perform and get the property sold. It is the first and the most exclusive feature in today’s world of competition. Most of the local real estate agents have been benefited by the services of Hookfish. So what are you waiting for! Just be a go better and take the initiative!

Use of technology in digital marketing

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Hookfish has introduced technological tools in performing marketing practices in favor of the best real estate companies. We are in the era of technology and digitalization. So why not combine them? This is giving very good results. Hookfish has introduced an online portal which provides all the information to the potential customers regarding the property. This helps the entire family of the customer to have knowledge about the property and it makes the real estate agent free from providing the details again and again.

Multiple marketing campaigns for best real estate companies

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Hookfish organizes the marketing campaign on multiple platforms. They use SMS campaigns, email campaigns, social media promotions, etc to reach the customers and influence them to buy the marketing techniques that are absolutely creative and timely. The marketing campaign is not too much that irritates the customers nor it is two less that it does not create a positive impact. They use JPEG images and videos also.

Access with mobile

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Hookfish has also introduced an application. This is important because everybody does not have time to open the desktop or laptop and then check the details of the property online portal. Sometimes it is difficult to catch the network by visiting any online portal as compared to accessing a mobile application. Therefore Hookfish provides access to the details with the help of mobile.

Payment made easy for real estate agent

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The real estate agents are absolutely safe and secure while becoming a partner with Hookfish. The transactions related to money always take in digital form. Therefore there is no possibility of any kind of fraud or miscommunication. The amount of the commission is directly transferred to the account of the broker in 40 to 45 days. Incase Hookfish is not able to deliver the services and it needs to repay the money, they also show the amount it which is to be refunded goes directly to the account.

Security in transactions to top real estate companies

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All the transactions which are being performed between the real estate companies and Hookfish are absolutely secured and nobody needs to worry about it after partnering with Hookfish. All the tensions of selling a property, once you have established partnership with Hookfish, are associated with Hookfish.

Experience of decades with local real estate agents

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The local agents have a lot of experience of partnering with Hookfish. Whatever promises have been made by Hookfish are being delivered for many decades. If there is any confusion regarding this, you can definitely contact any of the local real estate agents and find out whether the promises made by Hookfish are true or not. 

Choice of packages for best real estate companies


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There are different packages that are designed for real estate companies. These packages have been designed by keeping in mind the welfare of the real estate agents. You might choose any of the packages and see the performance. No client of Hookfish is at risk because of money-back guarantee and guarantee of sale (for Platinum Package).

Promises are kept


Hookfish is a company that has been working in the difficult industry of real estate only and only because of one reason, that is, commitment. It has seen various ups and downs in business and has survived them. Whenever the business was down, Hookfish had also returned the money that it had taken. It is to prove that it is capable of keeping the promise that it has declared. It also genuinely takes the guarantee of sale when you bring the customer and it tries its best with the help of its marketing program and still if it is not able to convince and influence the customer to buy the property, it has and it will return the valuable money of its clients.

Hookfish is a company that is highly innovative and has been serving in the market for a long time. It has given great value to its customers. All the features that Hookfish provides to its clients and to the clients of its clients are absolutely profit-oriented. All the real estate agents must take the services of Hookfish because there is no risk in that. They give a guarantee of sale and money-back guarantee in writing. The release the commission on time and their business practices are absolutely transparent. They use technology in promotion. All these features together make Hookfish the best business partners.

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