Mumbai, the house buying guide


Mumbai, the city of dreams and aspirations, which looks like it forgot that sleep is important. And it is one of those places which houses most expensive houses. Most know the drill of how to buy a house in such an expensive pocket, but for those who missed such teachings, here is the roundup of the tips that one should follow whilst buying a house in mumbai.

  1. Even though mumbai is a city of ever rising real estate prices. Not whole of mumbai is same. There are some neighborhoods which provide affordable buying options. As a home buyer, you need to be completely aware of what is your needs and wishes, as well as what are those things that you can compromise in order to get a dream home. For the ‘affordable’ buyers, here are few places that one should consider while buying houses.


  1. Abernathy West
  2. Neral
  3. Umroli
  4. Virar East
  5. Nalasopara West
  6. Dombivili East
  7. Naigaon East
  8. Virar West
  9. Vasai East
  10. Nalasopara East

Since these aforementioned places are at a certain distance from the main city, you should consider connectivity amenities, likes bus-stops and railway stations to be near you, when planning to buy one, for easier commute.

  1. Builder reputation is the major factor to consider the buying choices. There has been push by Central Government to provide affordable housing to all. One, as a buyer, must do all necessary builder verification. There are certain government portals like RERA, where one can get all the required information about the project and builder’s reputation. As, a precautionary measure, one can always look unto the past projects by the said builder to get a fair bit of idea on how the certain builder has performed.
  2. MahaRERA or Maharastra Real Estate Regulation Authority tries to protect buyers’ faith on projects they had invested and also in the builder concerned. Any discrepancies on the side of the seller or builder can be reported to the this state authority, which currently holds maximum number of ongoing projects.
  1. Future planning is necessary if you are going to buy a house in mumbai. Assessing your needs can cut down your choices of localities by a huge margin. It is important to know about financial status, current lifestyle and long\g term goals. You can avoid hassle of rent and EMI by moving into ready to move into flats. Else, you can chalk out your financial dividends for rent/ EMIs and cost to lead a normal lifestyle.
  1. Locality checking is important for not only for personal safety but also fing approximate gain of the investment. Other factors to look out for include social infrastructure, closeness to nature an transport facilities.
  1. Before signing the sale deed, read an re-read all the clauses of the deed, in order to avoid any surprises later. Double check your name, address, address of the property being bought. Maintaining clarity with builder is essential when you buy.
  1. Broker finding is the real deal in the whole process. In case you are new to this booming industry, and have no clue on how to buy a property.


So, these are few tips to keep in mind to get the best lifestyle available in least possible price.

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