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Ready to Move Flats in India :

People nowadays are buying a house which are ready to move flats reason is rtm homes are a very safe investment compared to plot investment.

If you have read Flat Vs Plot where to invest money ? | you will have a brief idea about Investment.
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In this blog, We will be talking about how you have to invest in ready to move flats in India and what things you have to take care of buying the rtm homes .

Ready to Move Flats in India are popular among Investors due to low-risk factor. Low risk always attracts any investors mind but low profit is the term which all the investor want to avoid.

So to avoid a loss on rtm homes you have to do market research, analysis for great ROI.

And how come you can analysis and which things need to be taken care for investment take a look below:

1. Search the Property –

People usually visit the brokers and discuss with their known one for property buying.

But it was an old and traditional way of looking for any property.

Now People tend to be smarter and they are searching for property online on their smartphone.

Always search for a website which provides each and every detail of the property with them.

Take the example of they provide each and every detail on the website with the lowest price assurance in Mumbai.

Always do visit the properties before buying a house for inspection which you have seen on the website.
It will give you some kind of idea that the place you thinking to invest in having the worth or not.

You will be having the look of interiors, kitchens and many more thing.

2. Be Careful of Unpaid Due –

Unpaid due for properties are always hidden they are not even discussed by first time home buyers they are the one who gets easily trapped in this kind of frauds.

So beware always ask for documents from the first sale of the property till the last sale of the property.

If there is a loan on the property which you looking to buy then ask for NOC and list of other documents which are with the bank for a particular property.

Also, look into tax paper, and other kind bills which should be up to date if they are not up to date and you have bought the property then it will act as to liability for you.

3. Always check the Papers/Document –

Title fraud is the scenario where the ownership of property is not clear.

Flats: A person makes a Duplicate paper of properties, On his/her name which not belongs to them and then sell it to others.


He/she claims themselves as POA holders and try to sell properties.

For info about title fraud or deception read this – Types of Property frauds & scams in Indian Real estate Investing

Always take the advice of an expert who will show you the best way and also take help of the advocates.

And show your interest in freehold properties/ready to move flats they are the best to invest.

Things like possession dates, ownership certificate matter the most so look into it.

looking for ready to move in apartments in Mumbai 

4. Negotiate if Possible –

When you visit the rtm homes then you realize what would be the perfect price of the property.

You can negotiate with the seller about it, and you have to even consider the facilities given by the seller.

Every time you see flat doesn’t mean that you have to negotiate if flats are having worth what is demanded by seller then genuinely you have to pay for it.

To know the worth of any property where you are investing read this – Property Valuation | Know the real price of property before Investing |

Negotiation is a good way of saving your self from paying more money but in case the rtm homes is good having worth then pay for it.

5. Booking Payment –

If you liked any flat then book the flat as soon as possible reason is simple to avoid the risk of getting flats at a higher price.

rtm homes are mostly booked on advance payment basis the buyers usually book the flat by providing payment in advance.

6. Agreement –

An agreement is an official document where buyer and seller agree at points which are mentioned in the papers.

Property details matter the most it should be mentioned clearly in agreement like how much is square feet, what is the address of the exact location.

Price for ready to move flats which were discussed will be mentioned in this agreement.

Payment dates should be mentioned properly how the payment is been and when the payment needs to be done.

Penalty on backing out for both the parties if a buyer is escaping from buying property then advance payment done by buyer would be taken by a seller.


If seller back outs then money which is paid by a buyer and interest on it would be paid by the seller to a buyer.

Once the payment is done for buying a house then

Also read –  Sad truth about GST rates for real estate this will help a lot to you.

7. Legal paper of sales –

After the payment, the next step is to get paper of properties which is the sale deed.

Sale deed is proof in writing where the property is been transferred to the new buyer after the price for the property is fully paid by the buyer.

This process is needed to be registered in the registrar office here buyer will have to pay stamp duty and registration charges which differs from place to place.

8. Name of the owner on every paper –

After sale deed, all the document comes in the hand of the buyer and the buyer will have the responsibility of changing the name on every document which is provided to him/her.

Documents like :

Property tax
Electric city bill
Water bill
A share certificate for some housing society.

This is how you can buy ready to move flats in India, So after reading this article buying a house would be not difficult for you.

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