10 Things to Check Before You Move into a Rental house


New city, new house, and the chaos that comes with it can be overwhelming, to say the least.
Moving into a new rental house is a daunting task with a million things to check before making the big decision.
The basic things to check before you move into a rental house needs to be done with excruciating detailing to ensure your safety. 
The concept of rented houses is a norm that is going to witness exponential growth due to the rise in real estate prices.
People, therefore, prefer living in rented spaces that buying new properties.
To make life easier for you, we have put together the ultimate checklist or guide before moving into a rental house/flat/apartment. 

Here are 10 Things to Check Before You Move into a Rental house

1. Check the locality

Your rented house may be gorgeous, but is it accessible to all the facilities? If you are wondering what to look for before moving into a rental flat checklist, ensure your accessibility to nearby facilities. You need to figure out if there are facilities such as schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, petrol pumps and good transportation facilities nearby. These facilities are essential, some of these are emergency services that may come handy during unfortunate circumstances.

2. Check for repairs required

Generally, the initial major repair is undertaken by the landlord. Therefore, if you enter into the house and can see the ceiling or the walls crumbling, it’s not advisable to go for it. You could either ask for the landlord to fix it or look for another property. Because you will reside in it for months and even years to come, eventually the expenses may stumble into your account. Thus primary repair needs to be undertaken by the landlord. One of the things to know before move into a rental house is if there is a safety hazard. Any industrial areas nearby that you should be aware of? Or electric outage issue that may result in abrupt damage of appliances.

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3. Check for issues

One of the most essential things to check before moving into a flat is looking for issues. Look for any loose ends that you may have missed. Does the air-conditioning work well (if you are paying for it), does the plumbing leak? Do the electric wires look too old or risky? Consider these points as a part of your checklist before moving to a new rental house. Another important thing to note is if there are any damp walls around or signs of leakage. 

4. Socialize with the neighbors

Chances are that the neighbors know more about the history of the property or the landlord that you can ever figure out by yourself. Socialize with the neighbors, present your concerns if any. Be sure to do this before you narrow in on your property

5. Check the area at different times

An area that looks safe and sound during the day may not be the same at night. Ensure the safety of your family by visiting the locality in the night. What kind of people wanders the streets? What time do the local stores shut? This is a must-know point on the tenant checklist for renting a house. Check now instead of regretting later. 

6. Watch out for the pet policy of the society

Before entering into a rental property, ensure that you have enquired about the pet policy with the building. At times, your landlord may agree, however, the society members may create a nuisance value. There are instances where pet parents aren’t allowed to take their beloved pets for a stroll in the building. Check before you rent.

7. Read through your leave and license agreement

Once you have narrowed down the house, read through your agreement in great detail, make pointers of areas that you need clarity on. It’s worth getting each of your concerns cleared. Be upfront about the questions to ask the landlord before move-in rental home/house. It’s advisable to also get the agreement vetted by a lawyer.

8. Society rules and committee regulations

Most societies have their rules on rented flat members. These may be unnecessarily stringent at times and may create havoc for you later on. Therefore book an appointment with the committee members before renting the flats hear out their rules. 

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9. Check out the society condition

Ensure that the flat is completely legal and the society’s property papers are in place. The best way to do this is to have a proper background check done on society. You could check the title work or ask copies of the society’s property papers and other relevant legal documents like Occupational certificate, NOC, etc. 

10. Check of the utilities covered 

Among the important things to do when moving into a rented house is to check up on the utilities covered on rented property. This could include maintenance of the flat, the gas connection or water bill. You and your landlord can mutually agree upon a module that works best for both parties. 

Be mindful of the Things to Check Before You Move into a Rental house and make a wise well-informed decision. Keep this as your Guide before moving into rental house/flat/apartment and have a hassle-free renting process.

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