Guide for Buying Your Dream Flat in Mumbai.


Everyone wants a flat of their own. Where they can build their dream on.Guide for Buying Your Dream Flat in Mumbai.
But, finding a flat with all the amenities, in a good location, in the right budgets is sometimes difficult.
Buying a flat in Mumbai is a very important decision in your life.
So you are utmost care when choosing your dream flat a beautiful city of Mumbai.

You should ask yourself many questions like :
Which location is best for me? What amenities in want?
Which locality is good ? and many more questions.

In this Guide to choosing your dream flat in Mumbai, we cover all the significant points will help you to buy your dream flat.

1. Select the location very carefully –

flat buying guide

Location of your flat should be your primary concern.
The flat locality needs to be close to the hospital, Market, Shopping mall, School and so.on.
And the neighborhood should be safe and sound.
You need to do an amount of research regarding the locality. 

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2. Choose a perfect layout of your choice – 

flat buying guide

Layouts Can be a mind changer for some home buyers. In a flat itself, there would be many layouts.
But you should always choose as per requirement and needs.
If you have kids, then you might need a house with big living rooms, reading rooms and a big playing area so this flat buying guide will help you.

3. Evaluate desire space –

You need to know the flat details in terms of its space.
You should check whether it has the number of rooms you need along with desire space for each of the rooms,
How big is the kitchen, how many bathrooms it has and how safe are the balconies and also balcony view is important.
These are some things which you should look for in a flat.

4. Choose the number of amenities – 

flat buying guide

You should know what amenities are important to you and if the property offers similar amenities at the same or additional cost it.
A spa, clubhouse, unisex gyms, Parking space are some of the amenities that you can find in Luxury flats in Mumbai and If your budget is tight try searching for with fewer amenities.
And you can find luxurious amenities in properties listed on our sites.

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5. Consider the commute – 

Your flat needs to be well connected to the different main access point in the city.
You should consider how far your home is from your office, School, railways station, bus stop, and rickshaw stand.
You also need to consider potential traffic and conjunction in your area and how much time it takes to commute to different parts of the city. 

6. Decide your budgets –

flat buying guide

You budgets are the essential aspects of Home Hunting Process.
Your budget is the only thing that will define your house. Everything depends on how much you want to spend on buying a property in Mumbai.
Nowadays Developers in Mumbai are now coming up with affordable housing projects so there is a very high chance that you can find a house, which fits your budget.

7. Verify the builder History –

A land, house or flat may be under some litigation.
So it is your responsibility to verify the builder track records.
Hence, it is always recommended for home buyers that you do an extensive verification of the builder or developer.
You could also verify its past or current projects or even post queries on the various online real estate forums or sites.

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8. Check the Rera Registration of the property

All legal property should be registered under RERA Act.
Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 has become a lifesaver for property buyers in Mumbai.
All the property listed on our site Hookfish is registered under MahaRERA.
The primary motive of the MahaRERA act is to protect the home buyers and it’s rights.
This state act provides transparency in the project by making every property RERA registered.
You as a home buyer need to look if the home you are interested to buy is from a RERA registered property site in Mumbai or not.

9. Read property documents very carefully – 


Once you have decided that you have found the right flat for you, you need to read all the property related documentation very carefully.
Check everything price, amenities, maintenance charges mentioned in the Documents.
You need to carefully understand the flat contract and then only sign the dotted line.

Above listed Flat buying guide points you should always when buying your dream home.

If you are currently searching for a luxurious flat then follow this flat buying guide .

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