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8 Home hidden Cost you Should not ignore When Buying a House

Buying a house in Mumbai is as challenging as it gets. With real estate prices skyrocketing, investment in real estate can end up draining your savings. However, there are ways you can be smart about your real estate investments. Did you know that there is a flat hidden cost involved that you end up ignoring […]

Guide to buying resale house |

Buying a house is a huge investment and one that needs careful consideration & evaluation. You save up your hard-earned money to buy a legal property as an asset. Be it the property you wish to live in or a second home for investment’s sake, the money you put in must not only be authentic […]

How to buy Ready to Move Flats in India ? |

Ready to Move Flats in India : People nowadays are buying a house which are ready to move flats reason is rtm homes are a very safe investment compared to plot investment. If you have read Flat Vs Plot where to invest money ? | you will have a brief idea about Investment. So […]

Types of Property frauds & scams in Indian Real estate Investing

IN current scenario people are buying the property as there investment in the hope of a better future Types of Property frauds & scams in Indian Real estate Investing. This investment would be helping the investor to gain some profit. So for Investment, the best option is Real Estate which gives the highest return in […]

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