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How Google ads can help you Grow your Real estate Business [Digital Pathsala – Blog 5]

This is the 5th Blog which is Part of our “Digital Pathshala Series for Brokers“, To read our 4th Blog Click here. As you people already know, the World is suffering very hard due to coronavirus Pandemic. The whole World is kind of shut down. All economic activity is either slow or shut down caused […]

7 Online Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue from Real Estate Business [Digital Pathsala – Blog 4]

This is the 4th Blog which is Part of our “Digital Pathshala Series for Brokers“, To read our 3rd Blog Click here. Here we are again with another helpful Blog for real estate brokers to Generate Leads and increase Sales. As you probably know the whole world is suffering from a Coronavirus pandemic. Business is […]

Boost your Real Estate Marketing with Hookfish

Hookfish offers a great deal of partnership for the growth of real estate business and helps to boost your business with real estate marketing. There are many benefits in getting associated with Hookfish. We are an emerging firm in the field of real estate and digital marketing Technology. Today India and the world are moving […]

This technology has changed real estate business !!

The industry of real estate is full of opportunities for sure. It has a huge amount of money. There is a lot of scope for earning if you are a broker or if you deal in property in some of the other manner. However, if there are opportunities, there are challenges also and vice versa. […]

What Real Estate Agents are doing wrong and Problems !

REAL ESTATE AGENTS PROBLEMS | Real estate is a big industry. There is a great of scope in it of making huge profit. India is growing at a rapid rate of 6 to 7 percent. More and more people are taking their houses. The Indian economy is considerably one of the Fastest growing economies […]

How best real estate agents do marketing ?

Want to know How best real estate agents do marketing ?? Read this blog.. Real estate the most competitive market in India, This market varies from place to place, developer to developer and people to people. Real estate agents are the one who struggles a lot in this business reason is simple everyone wants to skip […]

How to invest in Mumbai Real Estate ?

How to invest in Mumbai Real Estate ? Investing in real estate can be a good way to boost your income, and with luck it can become your main funding source. Before diving into any investment do your homework on the subject. First learn the rules of the road that have led others to success. […]

How To Become Real Estate Broker ?

image credits : How to become Real Estate Broker :   So, you have a niche for studying people’s requirements and experience of advising real estates to people, features which they didn’t even knew needed? Then, you have a career option open for you, That is being How to become real estate broker. India is […]

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