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10 Features That Define Luxury Homes

When it comes to luxury, India manages to impress the world with its laundry list of millionaires. Luxury homes, luxury cars, luxurious lifestyle, who doesn’t like a bit of all that. A study by Capgemini revealed that the number of millionaires in India grew by a whopping 20%. Redefine your lifestyle by adding luxury to […]

Property Valuation | Know the real price of property before Investing |

Property Valuation : People are always curious to know about the property they are willing to invest is Under price or Overvalued. They always have questions like what’s my house worth ? what is your property value ? how much is my house worth ? This Property Valuation is important because through this you will […]

5 percent GST on real estate on houses under construction.

In the 33rd Good Service Tax ( GST ) Council meeting, Arun Jaitley the Union Finance Minister and the state counterparts admitted to bringing the GST rate on under-construction houses in the normal category from luxurious category and bringing it down to, 5 percent GST on real estate from 12 percent. And GST on affordable […]

Housing in Mumbai

Mumbai, as we know as the New York of India, is the most progressive cosmopolitan city, contributing about 20% industrial outputs, 40% of income tax collection and 70% of capital formation. The Bollywood, as we know it, is largely based in Mumbai. With numerous people trying to get a glimpse of the fast paced lifestyle […]

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