How best real estate agents do marketing ?


Want to know How best real estate agents do marketing ?? Read this blog..

Real estate the most competitive market in India, This market varies from place to place, developer to developer and people to people.

Real estate agents are the one who struggles a lot in this business reason is simple everyone wants to skip brokerage as they want to pay less.

But you can’t deny that without these people the work of finding a property in Mumbai or in India is not easy.

People work very hard from the time of generating lead till converting it to a closing sale.

That’s why Hookfish doesn’t call them broker or agents Hookfish calls these people Partners. Partners are the one with whom we are working.

Yes, its a fact most of these people don’t do well in their starting face of the business but don’t be worried about it. Hookfish is here to help you so people do Subscribe us and always be notified.

This blog would be helpful for people who are real estate agents or they have any plan to become a broker

Have you ever thought about why some people are the best in business??

It’s about advertising and Marketing strategies for the property you want to sell.

There are many  marketing tools which will help you to grow your business.

Yeah, it’s true that to gain profit you have to invest in real estate marketing and you have to strategies where to invest and how to invest.

5  Marketing Tips :

1. SMS Marketing :

sms marketing Hookfish best real estate agent marketing in mumbai

SMS (short message service) is the best way to grab any customer attention, SMS is the best way for promotions of any property you are selling.

According to 82 percent of the text message is read within Five minutes.

So SMS Marketing will bring you the most number of leads compared to others.

This message mostly in such below format:

Example: Quotes or Details about the property next pricing or want to know the price and at the end call to action like providing links.

You can bring people to your landing page by the help of SMS providing your landing page link in a call to action.

2. Email Marketing :

email marketing for best real estate agents in mumbai

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Email is the most widely used service all over the internet, Email has its own importance reason is simple work.

Most of the people check there email first compared to scrolling their news feed on Social media.

Grabbing the attention of your client via email to the property you want to sell is the best way.

Compared to social media marketing Email marketing gives you the most leads which could be turned in sales.

People usually say that email marketing is not effective now they have moved to social media and any other way of marketing.

But the fact is Email Marketing will always bring quality leads to you.

Always Email people on the right time, send mail on a weekly basis.

Show them things on a regular basis these will help  to convert leads into sale.

3. Facebook Ads :

facebook marketing for real estate agents by hookfish
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According to Social Samosa Facebook has got the most number of account created i.e 5 new profile on every second.

So just think of how many people you can reach through Facebook so to reach people you have to go run Facebook campaigns.

Take all the emails which are with you of clients, people you want to sell, all people whom you want to target.

Facebook gives you the option to segregate your contacts according to your needs. So create your custom audience on Facebook and now run the campaigns and show the ads only to those whom you want.

So the money you are investing here will be less compared to traditional marketing, where you were having no idea about who you are targeting.

Facebook has been a vital part of Marketing for real estate agents who are best these days.


4. Google Adwords :

google adword tips form hookfish to become a good real estate agent
Google AdWords has been the favorite tool for people who do marketing online, successful Real estate agents have been using this platform for a long time.

Whenever you search for property the ads appear in the top of your search on google. These ads mostly belong to the agents or broker who take the traffic to their landing page.

And there the leads are mostly converted in the sale because these ads appear in front of them only those who are targeted by the campaign runner.

You can run a campaign which will appear for a specific location, age group,
and mainly keyword based.

5. Partner with Brands :

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Partner the brands who are trustful who will provide you the commission on right time.

Partner with brands who give guarantee of sale for your leads.

Partner with brands who provide the tools for marketing and help brokers to grow

Brands who provides this kind of assurance will give you a good deal.

Always choose your partner wisely who would provide you the best tool at an affordable price.

Hookfish provides the marketing tool for Partners.

Hookfish gives Guarantee of sale or Take your Money back for its partner and provides the commission within 45 days of the closing sale.

This is how marketing is been done in the real world.

So if you want to know about our plans and tools click here and if you loved our blog please subscribe us.

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