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Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, is one of the city that is growing at an exponential rate, in both economics and demographics. As more and more people are arriving with a dream to get their home-sweet-home in this city, the problem arises on where to get a residence. Little is known about Mumbai and its neighbourhoods, which has its own distinctive characteistics. Real estate prices can also vary greatly, depending on the neighborhood, infrastructure, and amenities in the area. Here are our picks for the most inviting neighborhoods of Mumbai that is ought to be swooned over.

  1. Bandra

Bandra is one of the most happening suburbs in the city and the bandstand area is home to the rich and famous. Also known as Queen of suburbs, it is a junture that connects old Mumbai to the suburbs. Buildings here offer stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Residents living here also enjoy access to one of the city’s best-maintained seaside localities.

However there are several micro-localities that offer very different lifestyles.

  1. Area South of Hill Road and East of Bandra Reclamation and West of the Railway Station: This is a fairly large area – an overcrowded and downmarket one, full of slums, dilapidated buildings, small shops and a huge population.
  2. Area North of Hill Road and East of Almeida Park and South of National College: This is a good area, but not the most prestigious locality.
  3. Area bordered by Almeida Park, Hill Road, Pali Naka and East of Carter Road: This is a large, quiet residential locality, largely inhabited by upper middle class families. However, since a vast majority of the land is owned by Salsette Catholic Society, which offers restriction on whom to be allowed to stay.
  4. Pali Hill (Main Road) and Bandstand: This is one of the most elite areas in the city and is inhabited largely by wealthy people from different industries. It houses some of Mumbai’s best-known restaurants in this neighborhood, making it an extremely popular locality.
  5. Carter Road and Mount Mary: Again an elite area, not quite at the level of Pali Hill but among the top micromarkets in the suburb.
  6. The Gaothans: These are the original East Indian villages and are located in different parts of the suburb but have been grouped together because of similarity. These include Ranwar, Pali Villge, Kantwadi, Shirley, Rajan, Chapel Road etc. They are quaint village like localities with a unique feel and very narrow streets, but it’s pretty difficult to park a vehicle or to expect modern amenities.
  7. Bandra Reclamation: Decidedly the most solidly middle class of the Bandra neighbourhoods, reclamation makes you feel like you are in Sion, Matunga or Dadar.
  8. Area East of Mehboob Studio, South of Ranwar and West of Reclamation: Smaller in size. Again, since it is lease-held by St Sebastien’s colony, there is restriction on who can stay.
  9. Pali Naka, North of Pali Naka and Borderline Khar: This is a mixed bag as some of the lanes are are good while some are overcrowded with an excess of shops.


2. Worli

Worli has been one of the busiest office areas in Mumbai, since late 70’s. Some major companies have their offices there. Worli is considered to be one of the best localities to live in Mumbai with great connectivity, if you are someone who enjoys a royal life, and enjoy the sea fronts at Worli sea face. Located right next to the Worli entrance of the Rajiv Gandhi Sealink, it is well-connected to Bandra and the adjoining suburbs.

3. Chembur

Chembur, located on the harbor line and once considered the gas chamber of Mumbai, due to the numerous factories it harboured, has witnessed vast improvements in terms of infrastructure and residential spaces. Chembur is also the last stop before one enters New Bombay. It has close proximity to Eastern and Western Express Highways makes commuting easy to Bandra-Kurla Complex and the other business districts of Mumbai. The social infrastructure is well developed with numerous malls, restaurants, hospitals and quality educational institutes.


4. South Bombay

Consisting of areas such as Cuffe Parade, Altamount Road, Neapensea Road, Malabar Hill etc. are its part. These are super- posh, exclusive and extremely expensive areas of the city.

  1. Cuffe Parade

Located at the southern end of Mumbai. Situated next to Navy Nagar and adjacent to the shopping district of Colaba, this seaside neighborhood is another region with soaring real estate prices.

  1. Altamount Road

Situated in town, it is the location of one of the most expensive homes in India, Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilla. The area is atop a small hill and lining its slopes are trees that provide shade and quiet ans is also home of several dignitaries.

  1. Malabar Hill

The neighborhood is spread out across a hill that slopes upwards from Chowpatty, providing great views of Marine Drive, it has all the makings of a fine upscale neighborhood.

  1. Prabhadevi

Prabhadevi is a small up-scale locality of Mumbai, which is situated between Shivaji Park Residential zone to the north and Worli to the South and Arabian Sea to the west. Prabhadevi is well connected to the rest of Mumbai, and this has led to the property rates in Mumbai, Prabhadevi to always stay on the top tier.


5. Goregaon

Located in the western suburb of Mumbai, Goregaon is close to malls like Oberoi Mall, City Centre Mall and is exceptionally well connected to the rest of the suburbs through Western Expressway and Link Road. Goregaon is one such place which offers affordable housing to many.


Situated on the banks of Powai Lake, this place has gained a lot of followers due to the sprawling Hiranandani complex. A very meticulously planned township, with hospitals, schools and playgrounds. Flanked by the Eastern and Western express highways on either side, Powai boasts of fabulous connectivity.

7. Juhu

Located towards south of Andheri, Juhu beach is extremely famous and it is flocked by everyone who visits the city. Connecting closest IT tech park in Mumbai through Link Road making it a sought-after area to live in due to its convenience. Its an area that has top Bollywood stars as its residents.


The largest suburb of Mumbai, which has a large number of shopping malls, restaurants and a series of residential complexes. Many firms and business processing centers have opened up in the Chakala area of Andheri, in recent years, and is ideal for fast paced lifestyle. Andheri has a buzzing nightlife, and it is also an extremely safe and secure locality with lots of apartments to choose from in areas such as Lokhandwala and Oshiwara which is very close to the largest tech park near Andheri.

9. Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is a planned township developed by CIDCO, ideal for affordable housing in the Palm Beach Road area. As space is no constraint here, it has seen a rapid growth of IT hubs, colleges, malls and call centres in recent times. Navi Mumbai is one of the few places which are still within the common man’s budget.

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