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Hookfish exclusive feature for real estate agents ?

Real estate agents Hookfish is a company of its own kind. It has its own principles and ethics to work. It has come up with an online portal and an application to serve in the industry of real estate and real estate agents. Its primary purpose is to get the sale of the piece of […]

What Real Estate Agents are doing wrong and Problems !

REAL ESTATE AGENTS PROBLEMS | Real estate is a big industry. There is a great of scope in it of making huge profit. India is growing at a rapid rate of 6 to 7 percent. More and more people are taking their houses. The Indian economy is considerably one of the Fastest growing economies […]

How best real estate agents do marketing ?

Want to know How best real estate agents do marketing ?? Read this blog.. Real estate the most competitive market in India, This market varies from place to place, developer to developer and people to people. Real estate agents are the one who struggles a lot in this business reason is simple everyone wants to skip […]

How to buy Ready to Move Flats in India ? |

Ready to Move Flats in India : People nowadays are buying a house which are ready to move flats reason is rtm homes are a very safe investment compared to plot investment. If you have read Flat Vs Plot where to invest money ? | you will have a brief idea about Investment. So […]

Types of Property frauds & scams in Indian Real estate Investing

IN current scenario people are buying the property as there investment in the hope of a better future Types of Property frauds & scams in Indian Real estate Investing. This investment would be helping the investor to gain some profit. So for Investment, the best option is Real Estate which gives the highest return in […]

Property Valuation | Know the real price of property before Investing |

Property Valuation : People are always curious to know about the property they are willing to invest is Under price or Overvalued. They always have questions like what’s my house worth ? what is your property value ? how much is my house worth ? This Property Valuation is important because through this you will […]

Flat Vs Plot where to invest money ? |

  Investment means allocating the money in the belief to get some profit in the future. Investment is done on the basis of ROI ( Return On Investment ) means the person who is investing the money will calculate the Return which he/she will be getting in the nearby future. There are many types of […]

Why Kandivali-Malad are best place to invest in mumbai 2019 ?

Which is best place to invest in mumbai 2019 ?  Kandivali is one of the oldest regions in Mumbai. From the past few years there are many real estate projects in kandivali ,so it has seen tremendous growth . And Malad has become popular among the big corporates, and many firms in Malad has been […]

How to invest in Mumbai Real Estate ?

How to invest in Mumbai Real Estate ? Investing in real estate can be a good way to boost your income, and with luck it can become your main funding source. Before diving into any investment do your homework on the subject. First learn the rules of the road that have led others to success. […]

How To Become Real Estate Broker ?

image credits : How to become Real Estate Broker :   So, you have a niche for studying people’s requirements and experience of advising real estates to people, features which they didn’t even knew needed? Then, you have a career option open for you, That is being How to become real estate broker. India is […]

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