7 Online Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue from Real Estate Business [Digital Pathsala – Blog 4]


This is the 4th Blog which is Part of our “Digital Pathshala Series for Brokers“, To read our 3rd Blog Click here.

Here we are again with another helpful Blog for real estate brokers to Generate Leads and increase Sales.

As you probably know the whole world is suffering from a Coronavirus pandemic. Business is shut, public movement is down. Whole economy activity is suffering from the crisis caused by COVID-19. Many companies, the industry is either shut or surviving through this tough time. And the real estate sector is no exception. The real estate sector is suffering a lot… construction is stopped, Project Launch is extended, the site visit is down to zero, sales are plunged. Builders, developers, and Real Estate Brokers are in a really Bad crisis because of nationwide lockdown. But there is still hope for sale of the property after lockdown is stopped and the Government will decide to ease the restriction on various economic activities. 

Today, We are going to tell you 7 online marketing tips to increase revenue from the real estate business.

So let’s get going.

1. Create a referral system

Referral marketing is Simply put, referral marketing is spreading the word about a product or service through a business’ existing customers, rather than traditional advertising.

Word-of-mouth marketing, which occurs when others tell each other about a business, is also considered a form of referral marketing. Word-of-mouth is the principle behind things that “go viral,”

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You as a broker give some amount of money to someone who brings an interesting lead through a sale is done. You can create a Webpage and Facebook page to showcase your referrals program for those who want to earn money by promoting real estate property by their own network of people.

If you are a RERA registered Broker and getting 2-3% commissions on Property sales then surely you could pay a decent amount to someone who brings Customers and closes a sale. You will get more leads by offering such referral programs to Someone who wants to earn money online for your Property. 

2.Videos Marketing –

According to Hubspot, Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.

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Video performs much better than other forms of media like text, photos, gif.

You can make a Professional looking video of the property you are selling. Add text, effects, and transition to look professional and engaging. Don’t get bothered about imperfections while shooting and editing. A buyer is more likely to trust the videos than those which look unbelievable impressive.

Videos also help in running ads for Facebook and YouTube Ads. Return on investment for Video ads is much higher then Still photo Ads. Published High-quality Property Videos on all social media channels to engage with your audience.

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3. Hire Digital Marketing Experts to run online campaigns –

Running Facebook, Google or any online advertising for leads generation requires digital marketing skills, experience, and knowledge. Most brokers who want to run lead generation campaigns for their Property didn’t have much knowledge and experience about online advertising. So You can hire a freelancer or full-time digital marketing expert who has Proven Facebook and Google ads expertise that Could give a Results at Some Cost.

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And If you want to run Facebook ads and Google ads for our exclusively Property Sunrise Charkop and Bindra Sateri legacy want to earn commission then you can do it with us Hookfish. We can run and operate and will provide you quality leads for our property. Your job is just Close the Sale. No Operating Cost for Running Campaign Just Advertising Budget from Broker end.

We don’t charge for operating Online ads for brokers of our Property. You can contact us here.

4. Email and SMS nurturing –

Email and SMS promotion is the most effective and easy way of marketing for brokers to promote their properties. Email id and SMS numbers are potential sources for leads for any type of business. There are many ways to collect email and Mobile numbers of Customers who are interested in real estate.

– Webinar

– Social media Ads

– Google ads

– Brokers conference

– Website newsletter

– Referrer

– affiliate contacts

After collecting email id and mobile number it is important to segregate and nurture this data.

Lead Segregate means dividing leads based on many factors.

Segregate data based on active and inactive Customers, Individuals budgets, Property configuration, etc.

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and through every step of the buyer’s journey.

Nurture those leads by properly taking follow-ups, taking feedback of Customers, etc.

By segregating and nurturing leads you will make your sales call easy and efficient.

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5. List your property on hookfish For Partners App –

Property listings are when you post your property details on a platform that connects buyers and sellers. Our Hookfish app for brokers connects your property to the right Customers using our matchmaking algorithm.

– You can list any number of Property on our platform and share your property details right from our app with beautiful and professional email and SMS template.

– You can share property details with images on various social media very easily straight from our app.

– Also, you can manage your leads 

We automatically add your email id and mobile number from your account into the SMS and email template you would share.

6. Create Property content and share

In social media, sharing is a very important element for brand awesome, leads generation and sales for any type of business. For real estate brokers, the more eyeballs your property gets the more chances that your property gets sales inquiry.

Image courtesy – onlinemarketinginstitute.org

When you share a Property post, make sure it should be catchy, attractive, and engaging in Nature.

Content of the property post should clearly show like Property configuration, Price, floor, amenities, etc

The metrics in the post clearly position your property in the mind of the Customers who see your post.

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7. Use a proper call to actions –

Call to action or CTA is an action you think your customers should do when they see your  Ads or any marketing message. Basically CTA refers to the use of words or phrases that can be incorporated into sales scripts, advertising messages, or web pages that encourage consumers to take prompt action.

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Add CTA in Email, SMS marketing, social media post, online ads for your customers to take action after seeing your Marketing message.

Use the above tips to boost your marketing activities for your Property. Obviously lockdown slows the real estate deals but there are more opportunities in sales online than offline Nowadays. We hope brokers will use tips to Generate Leads and Sales 

We hope that the government will ease some restrictions for real estate sectors to overcome problems caused by a coronavirus. Till then wash your hands and follow social distancing Guidelines.

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