10 Effective Ways to Generate leads Online During Coronavirus [Digital Pathsala – Blog 1]


As you know, the coronavirus Pandemic badly shocks the real estate industry. Businesses, schools, factories are either closed or stopped. All economic activity has been stopped due to the corona.

As far as the real estate industry is concerned it also affected very badly. The Real estate industry consists of Property Buyers, Developers, Builders, Real estate brokers, Real estate agencies, and many more.

All have been severely affected. Hence the real estate market in Down and Slow but still People are looking for property to live and invest. They move towards online to Find their Future Homes so as a Property seller you should also move online to sell your property.

Hence for Real Estate Brokers… Leads are a very important part of any real estate deal. A lead refers to contact with a potential customer, m, also known as a “prospect”.and lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. A quality lead is essential for any business

A real estate lead is any Potential customer who shows interest in your Property..

Brokers need leads to generate sales for their property. Today’s brokers generate sales through their networks of clients and with their broker communities.

Has impacted the real estate broker who’s primary source of revenue comes from the commission’s sales of the property. Brokers are unable to do Marketing and selling of the property offline which is the importing channel for brokers to generate leads and sales. And countrywide lockdown stops that offline channels which are the primary channel of Marketing for the broker community.

Brokers can use online channels to promote their Property during lockdown and these days customers are mostly online searching, buying, selling products and services.

We  know most real estate brokers don’t know much about how to generate leads through online channels. Therefore We are going to explain to you 10 effective ways to generate leads online in a simple and straight manner. 

So, Lets Begin….

1. Property Portals –

This portal connects buyers and sellers of the property in the real estate market. Buyers can search for the property for free. These sites earn money by selling advertising package brokers, builder developers, and property owners.

Top Property Portal in India.
Top Property Portal in India. (Courtesy of their individual Brand Images)

Developers, Builder and Real estate Agents can List their Sale, Resale or Rental Property Details, Specifications, Images or videos to showcase the Property In details to potential homebuyer of the platform for Free.

This site has the largest database of property buyers and sellers. Any customer who searched the property and Prospect likes the property can submit his contact details to the property portal and then contact details are sent to the brokers or developers of the listing. Here customers are highly interested only in Property Transaction. 

This are Advertising Packages that this Property Portal offers – 

  • Basic listing
  • A premium listing with a top slot on search results, 
  • display ads, 
  • Branding with a featured section for the builder-developer and properties

This is the top Property portal in india.

Brokers, developers and property owners can register on this platform and can generate leads during the coronavirus crisis. These platforms are highly advanced, efficient and transparent to its customers. Property listing is the first step of promoting your property in the market.

During the Coronavirus situation, these sites are free Source of Property leads. Real estate Brokers or professionals must post their Property on this site and monitor them for matching customers.

We also want to mention our own Property Listing and Lead Management App Hookfish For Partners.

Our Android App called hookfish for partners is for real estate brokers for those who want leads for their property. Our app offers free property listing of new, Resale and rental homes.

You can add Property Specifications and Upload upload images of the property on our app and also you can even send Property specifications and Images directly from our App Dashboard to various social media sites with your mobile number So potential customers can reach you by Number. Our hookfish for partners app uses a matchmaking algorithm to match brokers’ property to a potential customer.

Any brokers who want to generate leads for their property can run SMS and Email Marketing right on our app. Just upload your existing customer’s list file on our app and send SMS and Email with our engagement premade SMS and Email templates.

And also If you want to run Facebook and Google ads for our exclusive property –

Bindra Sateri Legacy, Andheri East

Sunrise Charkop, Kandivali West

we will help you to set up and run Facebook and Google ads lead Generation campaigns.

It would be helpful for you as a broker to close sales of our exclusive property. Just contact us here.

You can download our app from the Google play store by clicking here

2. Social Media Ads –

Due to the coronavirus crisis, most People spend most of their time on social media sites.

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites

Below are the list of Top social media sites in india – 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Tiktok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Quora

But not all social media are efficient and suitable for the real estate segment.

You can run a lead generation campaign on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Quora.

Social networks possess important and personalized data about their large user database that enable them to deliver highly targeted, personalized, and inexpensive advertising solutions for any business.

Apart from these big social media sites if you are a professional real estate agent you can use Linkedin to target an audience by their job title, profession. 

Social media has the potential to reach your target audience and they have massive traffic and user behavior data.

So if you as a real estate broker want to generate leads for properties then social media ads are the best solution for the Brokers.

Follow the following links to Run the Ads –

3. Google ads –

Google is the most visited site in the world and also in India. Billions of people go to Google to search for goods and services they are interested in and want to purchase. In Real estate, people search for flats in Mumbai, 2bhk, or 3bhk flats in Mumbai, flat on rent, etc. Hence there are many potential customers looking for a property that may be matched with the property you sell. Therefore Google ads provide advertising services to the business and advertisers to reach such king of potential customers. Millions of business and property Brokers and agencies run Google ads to attract and reach this Potential customer for their Properties. Below is an overview of the Google ads

Google Ads
Google Ads

Google ads is divided into 3 parts –

– Search ads

When someone searches for a product or service related to your real estate property, your ad will show up, and people can click on it and land on your site. then he can see Property Details, image, and  Videos of the Property and can fill a Lead Form.

Here’s how search ads look when some search for Advertising Agency –

Google Search Result Page
Google Search Result Page

– Display ads

When you visit any sites you see this display ad between article, Blog or any information. When your target audience sees this ad they can click on it and land on your website then he can see Property Details, image and  Videos of the Property and can fill a Lead Form.

Here’s how search ads look when someone Visit Livemint sites – 

Livemint HomePage
Livemint HomePage

– Video ads 

When you go to youtube and watch any videos you see YouTube ads before, between, or after the video. You can run video ads to demonstrate your Real estate products or services in visual and understanding ways. and people can click on it and can fill the form directly on Youtube or land on your site then they can see Property Details, image, and Videos of the Property and can fill a Lead Form.

Youtube Ads
Youtube Ads

To run Google ads go to this sites https://ads.Google.com/intl/en_IN/home/

And Create Google Ads account and start running ads for your properties. 

These services operate upon a pay per click/Impression or view model (that is, you are charged only when your ad is clicked, Saw or viewed). 

So if you want to reach your target audience who do Google Search, Visits websites, and Watch Youtube Video then Google Ads is the way to go. As per studies, if businesses spend money on Google ads then return on investment is double High.

4. Free classified sites –

This site allows buyers and sellers of products and services across many categories to post their requirements as an ad for free.

Olx Property

Olx Property only supports free listing and it does not have any package for top slots or any similar advertising.

Olx Logo
Olx Logo

A Property seller or broker can post Property details on the site like specification, Image, videos of the property. if the buyer is interested in your property he can send you the message through the portal.

OLX HomePage
OLX HomePage

A Property buyer can directly connect with sellers of the Property on sites though message features.

Quikr Homes

Unlike Olx, Quikr launched a full-fledged real estate portal Quikr homes.

Quikr Homes
Quikr Homes

Quikr homes support free listing and it also offers an advertising package like 

  • Premium listing, 
  • Being featured on the search home page of the real estate category 
  • Placing banner ads through Google ads.
QuikrHomes Homepage
QuikrHomes Homepage

Quikr homes are similar to Olx Property where you can post the Property details as listing if the buyer is interested in your property he can send you the message through the portal.

Above classified sites are the two largest players in the free classifieds market in India. Sulekha is the 3rd largest free classifieds site in India.

These websites are excellent sources of leads for the Brokers. 

5. Local search engine –

These sites allow you to list your business and act as online directories. Real estate brokers can register their business, property, contact details so potential customers can see and reach you. They also offer a premium advertising package to help you to get higher business visibility.


Justdial is the largest local search engine in India. It allows you to list your business for free and also offer multiple advertising packages like –

Justdial Logo
Justdial Logo
  • Top slot on search results.
  • On-site banner ads
  • Details of leads who are looking for property in particular areas.
Justdial HomePage
Justdial HomePage

Below are some of the players in this real estate segment.

These sites are an important source of leads for your properties. 

6. A Website –

Building an engaging presence for your brand can pay off and generate quality leads in the long-run.


Coronavirus crisis makes brokers think digitally to market their properties. Every business should have a website. A Website is a way to connect with your potential customers. A website is your own digital place on the internet where a broker can showcase your products and services and make Customers.

On the website, you can show Property details, photos, videos, brochures. You as a Brokers can show your details like Rera Certificate and Rera Number about you to Built Consumer Confidence on you. A Lead form is an important part of your websites. From this form, you can collect the contact details of your potential customers. 

You can use websites to convert visitors into customers. And add a lead form to capture the customer’s details like name, mobile number, or email. And nurture these leads and take follow up with them.

Alternatively use could you live chatbot wherein a person is required to enter their email to participate in the conversation and once you capture the email you can reach them via email and can take the conversation further towards the sale.

7. Sms Marketing –

Sms Marketing is when a broker sends Property messages to your potential customers via SMS. If you have a list of previous customer and Mobile numbers you can send your Marketing messages in SMS to them. Make sure your message is attractive and catchy. Please don’t forget to add a link or mobile number to the customer to call you for the respective property.

And yes start SMS Marketing from Our Hookfish for Partners App. 

Just post your Property – Go to property dashboard – Click Share – SMS – Send

Follow Below Image guide to Run SMS Campaign on Our App – 

Hookfish for Partners (SMS Flow)
Hookfish for Partners (SMS Flow)

8. Email Marketing – 

Email Marketing Define as when you as brokers send your property messages to your potential customers via Email. Email Marketing is still an effective way of marketing communication.

People still open and read mail regarding Promotion and advertising. 

You can make mail with Property Details and images and don’t forget to add a CTA (Call to Action). Make sure your message is attractive and catchy. 

CTA could be your Mobile Number, Facebook Page, or Your Website Links. And yes start Email Marketing from Our Hookfish for Partners Dashboard. 

Just post your Property – Go to property dashboard – Click Share – Email – Send

Follow Below Image guide to Run Email Campaign on our App – 

Hookfish for Partners (Email Flow)
Hookfish for Partners (Email Flow)

9. Social Media Groups or Posts –

On social media, there are groups where people with similar interests interact with each other. There are Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups where real estate brokers can join. Social Media groups are excellent and free sources of leads.

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

Customers post their requirements and needs of Property on these groups..brokers can join the conversation by comments and can contact customers for their Property. The LinkedIn group is also a good source of leads for brokers. LinkedIn groups are made of professionals who share common interests. brokers Could get High Quality Leads for Luxury Property.

10. Track social media for customers –

You can monitor and search the posts on social media sites for the Property Leads. Homebuyers often post their requirements on Facebook groups, On twitter and Linkedin.

Real estate brokers must follow and monitor such posts to generate leads for free.

For example, real estate brokers can join the following groups –

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

It should be noted for brokers that posting or commenting on the same content will make them suspicious. Write a natural response tailor to the poster’s requirements. Write for help.

Twitter and LinkedIn are also a great platform to find and target customers who are looking for a property.

When you search with specific keywords like looking it surprisingly throws up lots of leads when you use the search feature of any social media sites.

For example, if you are a real estate agent in Mumbai, you can search by looking + bhk + Mumbai and get results such as.

Twitter Search Result
Twitter Search Result

Social media is a potential source of unlimited real estate lead for brokers. 

As you read all the ways to generate leads for your properties..here is the 

Bonus tip ….

11. Whatsapp Marketing –

If you are a real estate broker you surely use WhatsApp. In India, Whatsapp currently has 400 Million active users. And that’s a lot of users. The figures are lucrative for the real estate professionals who want to market their business and penetrate to a bigger market.


You can sign up for Whatsapp business from here. Whatsapp business apps are for those people who have a business. 

Brokers can use this powerful tool to promote their properties.

Here are some of the ways WhatsApp can come into play:

– Create a business profile with helpful information for your customers like your address, business description, email address, and website. This is how your business profile looks to your customers.

Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp Business

– Create a catalog to showcase your products and services. Make Attractive Listings and Share with Your Contacts.

– Connect with your customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

You can create Whatsapp groups around the brokers who message if they have a customer for a particular project.so you can directly send messages to potential customers on WhatsApp and can showcase your properties from your catalog. And take the conversation further towards sales.

Whatsapp is so easy to use, it has the potential to reach a global audience for free. And if you are not using Whatsapp or WhatsApp business to promote your real estate business then you are losing customers and money too.

So what are you waiting for for…get on WhatsApp and attract and engage with your the customer and create a better customer experience. Start by creating Whatsapp Groups with Different Brokers.

WhatsApp can also help medium and large businesses provide customer support and deliver important notifications to customers.

We hope you can use the above digital channels for generating Quality Property leads. This is time for Real estate brokers to use the internet as they only Marketing channels for the sale of their property.

Coronavirus has a severe impact on the real estate industry. Coronavirus has created the invisible gap between brokers who mostly do Marketing and selling on paper and customers who mostly now a day find Property through digital channels. But with Critical situations comes critical decisions. 

So it is time for brokers to do Digital Marketing of their Property online.

If you want to survive as a Real estate Broker in a dominated Digital medium you have to adapt as per the situations in the market. Property buying and selling are still happening online through the use of technology. If you want to earn commission don’t waste time and start using the Above methods to generate Sales.

We hope you will use the above ways to generate quality leads for properties. At Least start with Email and Sms Campaign. And be consistent it is not a one time process. It requires continuous effort to generate leads and close a sale.

We hope that you do great in Real estate business till Coronavirus ends. We will bring you more blogs like this in the coming days so you can grow your Property Sales.

Till then Follow Government Guidelines and Wash Your Hands. and also keep reading Our Blogs and Keep Learning.

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